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Grieving is Part of The Healing Process

grieving with gold - episode on the ecstatic woman podcast

In episode #3 on The Ecstatic Woman Podcast host Alara Sage speaks with Miriam Grunhaus about the importance of grieving as part of the healing process.

Miriam works with Kintsugi, the Japanese art of fixing broken ceramic with gold. She uses this beautiful practice as a symbol for the human experience.

The key takeaways are:

  • What if we view our wounds as ways in which the Divine light within us is shining through? When we change our perspective of our wounds, we change how they heal and the wisdom that we can learn from them.

  • Learning to find all of your pieces and bring them back together again - to truly grieve that the “old you” is no longer is imperative to the healing process. We cannot go through the challenges in life and expect our lives to remain the same.

  • Healing is multifaceted and we need to allow ourselves the entire process. When we skip steps, we don’t fully heal and we rob ourselves of its beauty.

Learn how to use the symbolism of this ancient tradition for your own life by listening to this episode, “Grieving With Gold - The Art of Kintsugi

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