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“Living Lit and Embodied”

Do you desire to tap into your full potential and live your life ecstatically? Do you have questions about embodiment and how to access your flow state and genius?

For me, these questions have largely driven my own personal development. And now, these questions are the vision behind my new podcast, The Ecstatic Woman.

I feel that oftentimes, as women, we settle. We settle for a life that is full of struggle and sacrifice. We don’t understand how to embody our feminine power which offers us nourishment and inexhaustible creative life force energy. We have been living in a patriotic society that has taught us to favor our inner masculine only.

Successful women, especially, have troubles with this. Oftentimes, they believe that they have to sacrifice their own well being for their success and the success of their family. They lean heavily into their inner masculine and misunderstand how utilizing both their feminine power and their masculine power is what creates the natural equilibrium of life.

Back in 2013 I had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening where Kundalini energy (creative life force) shot through my body, while I was driving, and sent me into a full body orgasm.

At the time, I didn’t have a strong relationship with my sexual orgasms let alone did I even consider that you could have a full body orgasm outside of sex. The experience was beyond transformational for me. It showed me what was possible and it illuminated the numbness and luke-warm experience of my life.

From that point on, I had a mission to reconnect with the feminine power - Kundalini Shakti - inside of me.. After several years of internal work, I came into my ecstatic self. This is a state of flow, genius, connection and power. It is absolutely orgasmic.

And now I am bringing forth my personal experiences and teachings as well as conversations with guests to help you learn how to experience a powerful, authentic, and blissful life.

I couldn’t be more ecstatic!

The most beautiful part of all of this has been the birthing experience of such a project. Podcasting is a ton of work. The amount of effort that goes behind every single episode is profound. And yet, in my flow state it has all been easeful and graceful.

I have enjoyed every single moment of it. Even the parts, like editing, that I had presumed I would not enjoy have been incredibly fulfilling. Why? Because this is a gift from my creative genius. When we are in our creative genius, our creative capacity expands and the process of creating becomes the fulfillment and joy.

Can you imagine what would happen in your life if you created it with ecstasy, ease and a powerful punch of creative fire?

I invite you to take a moment to contemplate what in your life feels like a struggle, or feels disharmonious? What area of your life feels tense or forced? Now imagine for a moment that there was tremendous freedom within your life. Imagine that with each inhalation that you drew in right here and right now, you created more time and ease.

Imagine that within this extra space, your creative fire was in full flow. Ideas and visions came to you with clarity along with the action steps to bring them into the physical reality.

And even though your vision is a masterpiece, it flows onto the canvas of your life with such grace that you hardly feel the stroke of the paintbrush.

This is your genius. This is your flow state.

If this resonates with you, if it lights you up and activates your being, then I invite you to join me on The Ecstatic Woman podcast.

Listen to compelling conversations and insights on self-discovery, embodiment, and your creative genius. Tap into your inner wisdom, learn to embody the present moment, and cultivate the unique genius within.

We will learn, we will laugh and we will be activated in this space together. Come be “an ecstatic” with me.

The podcast officially launches on Aug. 21st. We will be having a launch party as well as giveaways throughout the two week launch period. So be sure to be signed up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram.

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