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Notice Moments of Delight Daily - Gratitude Practice

Learn how to bring more gratitude into daily life
Gratitude practice with Marijke McCandless

In episode #1 of the Ecstatic Women podcast, host Alara Sage explores the idea of finding joy and aliveness in the present moment. She is joined by guest Marijke McCandless, an award-winning author and mindfulness coach who helps people shed their inhibitions.

They discuss the importance of experiencing the little joys that exist in every moment and Marijke’s upcoming book, "Naked in the Now." Tune in to discover how to strip yourself of inhibitions and show up fully to the aliveness within you.

Three key takeaways:

  • Noticing moments of delight daily is a practice that can greatly enhance our experience of life. It involves intentionally turning our attention towards small moments of happiness, pleasure, and ease that may often go unnoticed. These moments can be as simple as feeling the warmth of the sun on our face, witnessing a butterfly land on our hand, or sharing a genuine connection with someone.

  • When we actively seek out and acknowledge these moments of delight, we cultivate a mindset of gratitude and playfulness. We become more present in the world and develop a greater sense of empowerment. These moments remind us that joy and happiness are not reserved for grand experiences or specific times in our lives, but can be found in the everyday moments if we choose to notice them.

  • By practicing the habit of noticing moments of delight daily, we train our brains to shift away from constantly seeking out what's wrong and instead focus on what's right. We become more attuned to the beauty and wonder that surrounds us, and we develop a deeper appreciation for the small joys that exist in every single moment.

So let's make a conscious effort to notice and savor these moments, no matter how small, and live our lives ecstatically. Watch the episode here: Embracing Ease & Delight in Everyday Life

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