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Pursue Your Dreams

Pursue your dreams with Laura Cruise

In this episode of the Ecstatic Women podcast, host Alara Sage dives deep into the topic of pursuing your dreams and believing that nothing is impossible with guest Laura Cruise, the Dream Transition Mentor.

Laura shares her expertise in helping women transition from unfulfilling corporate jobs to creating their own businesses and experiencing a sense of freedom and joy in their lives 💫

Here are three key takeaways from this inspiring episode:

1️⃣ "Jump and the net will find you" - One of the most powerful messages shared by our guest is the importance of taking that leap of faith. Sometimes, we hesitate to pursue our dreams because of fear or self-doubt. However, Laura encourages us to trust in ourselves and the universe, knowing that when we take that leap, the support and opportunities we need will manifest.

2️⃣ Entrepreneurship comes in various forms - Laura challenges the traditional notion of what it means to be an entrepreneur. She highlights that being an entrepreneur is not limited to starting a big business or being a CEO. It can also mean embracing our unique gifts and talents, whether it's as a copywriter, freelancer, or any other profession. The key is to create a life that aligns with our natural state and allows us to experience freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment.

3️⃣ Embrace your unique gifts for the benefit of all - When we tap into our unique gifts and allow them to flourish, it not only benefits us but also those around us. By embracing our true selves and pursuing our passions, we bring our best selves to the table and create a positive impact on our clients, colleagues, and the world. It's about finding that rhythm with our natural state and creating a life that aligns with our desires.

This episode is filled with practical tips, tools, and insights that will empower you to pursue your dreams and live your life ecstatically. Listen to “Jump & The Net Will Find You: Pursuing Your Dream” on The Ecstatic Woman Podcast

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