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Stepping into Superhuman Potential

Balancing our Divinity with our humanity - podcast episode on The Ecstatic Woman
Stepping into superhuman potential

In this episode of the Ecstatic Women podcast, host Alara Sage explores the complexities of being human and the integration of our humanity with our divinity. She welcomes guest Sarah Asha Rose, a transmedium channel, who shares her unique healing approach called light codes.

Sarah believes that

humans are stepping into being superhuman and discusses how she helps individuals overcome fears, self-worth issues, and limiting beliefs in order to fulfill their missions and purposes. Tune in to discover new ways to think, feel, and cultivate empowerment in your life.

Key takeaways:

  • The importance of embracing fun and not taking ourselves too seriously. Sarah discusses how laughter can elevate our vibration and serve as a vital medicine for the soul. She talks about how laughter is often overlooked and that people tend to take themselves far too seriously.

  • How honoring and listening to our cyclical selves, and recognizing the need for rest and restoration is imperative throughout this journey. Even entrepreneurs and healers require restorative periods. When we neglect the need for restoration it can lead to sickness, depletion, and a sense of being drained.

  • Asking questions is an excellent way to connect to spirit. By asking questions, we open up a line of communication with the universe, allowing it to provide information in various forms. And when we cultivate this conversation with the universe, we feel supported, loved and nurtured.

Ground the beauty of your Superhuman self into your daily life now. Listen to the episode to learn more, here: Your Superhuman Self: Integrating Your Awesomeness Into Daily Life

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