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The Power of Grief: A Pathway to Joy and Wholeness

In a world that often emphasizes happiness and positivity, the topic of grief is often overlooked or avoided. However, embracing and expressing grief is an essential part of the human experience.

In this episode of the Ecstatic Women podcast, host Alara Sage and guest Catriona Reid delve into the transformative power of grief and its connection to joy and wholeness.

They explore how our society's aversion to grieving has led to a collective trauma that perpetuates pain and suffering. By understanding and embracing grief, we can unlock a pathway to profound healing and authentic joy.

Introduction: Catriona Reid highlights the cultural aversion to grief in Western society, tracing it back to historical and religious influences. She explains how grieving has been suppressed and even banned in certain cultures, leading to a lack of acknowledgment and processing of loss. This cultural aversion to grief has resulted in trauma that resurfaces in various forms, perpetuating cycles of victimhood and perpetration.

1️⃣The Connection Between Grief and Joy: Contrary to popular belief, grief and joy are not mutually exclusive. Catriona Reid and Laura Sage discuss how grief and joy are two sides of the same coin. They explain that grief is an expression of love and reverence for what has been lost, while joy arises from the deep acceptance and integration of grief. By allowing ourselves to grieve fully, we create space for profound joy and gratitude to emerge.

2️⃣The Healing Power of Expressing Grief: Catriona Reid emphasizes the importance of expressing grief in a safe and supported environment. She shares the significance of wailing and releasing grief through sound and movement. By giving ourselves permission to express our pain and sorrow fully, we can release trauma and open ourselves to healing. The act of wailing is not only cathartic but also a prayerful celebration of what has been lost.

3️⃣ The Role of Avoidance in Society: Laura Sage and Catriona Reid discuss how avoidance plays a significant role in our society's inability to process grief. They highlight the avoidance of uncomfortable emotions, such as anger and sadness, and the fear of expressing them. This avoidance leads to a shrinking of our emotional capacity and a limited perspective. By embracing and expressing our emotions, we can expand our capacity for compassion, understanding, and connection.

4️⃣ Embracing Death and Living Fully: The conversation also touches upon the importance of embracing death as an integral part of life. By acknowledging our mortality and living each day as if it were our last, we can tap into a deeper sense of presence and appreciation for life. The awareness of death can serve as a reminder to prioritize what truly matters and to live authentically.

Conclusion: Grief is a powerful and transformative emotion that is often overlooked or avoided in our society. However, we open ourselves to profound healing, joy, and wholeness by embracing and expressing grief. The conversation between Alara Sage and Catriona Reid sheds light on the importance of acknowledging and processing grief, both individually and collectively. By creating safe spaces for wailing, expressing emotions, and embracing death, we can cultivate a more compassionate, connected, and joyous society.

Listen to “Exploring the Importance of Grief” on The Ecstatic Woman Podcast

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